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Romsis Merkezi Satınalma Yazılımı

Changing competitive conditions can cause many difficulties for businesses to grow and even survive. In this global business world, where it is always a must to stay up-to-date, businesses must develop their competitive strategies without sacrificing their quality and performance and keeping their costs as low as possible.

With our Buyrom web-based cloud software, you can perform many operations such as bid comparison, supplier evaluation and scoring, seeing backward offers and speed up your purchasing with purchasing software, where you can manage demand, bid, supply and order processes.

With our web-based software, your in-house employees can connect to the buyrom system whenever they want, and take action in the purchasing process. The main basic features are as follows.

  • 1. Works on the web base.
  • 2. You can connect and process whenever you want from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • 3. When you want, you can connect to the web at any place and make transactions and get detailed reports.
  • 4. This is the area where we can view and delete purchase and sales orders.
  • 5. We can enter new sales order in this field.
  • 6. We can filter orders by Document No or Voucher No.
  • 7. We can filter orders by Document No or Voucher No.
  • 8. We can view, edit, send Procurement Requests (if we have no authorization), approve (if we have authorization), reject (if we have the authority to refuse), delete the request.
  • 9. We can open a new request.
  • 10. We can list the requests as excel.
  • 11. You can view and review approved requests.
  • 12. We can display requests on line and header basis.
  • 13. We can filter with demand number.
  • 14. You can review the content in which we can see the rejected requests.
  • 15. We can filter and display with demand number.
  • 16. We can export the list we are viewing to the excel environment.
  • 17. You can send the approved requests to the proposal, which we can view, convert to order.
  • 18. The request that we will send to the proposal must be ticked “get offer” and then you can send it to the offer with the “get offer for selected” button.
  • 19. You can view our requests that we send to the proposal.
  • 20. You can view the requests we receive from our current dealers and convert the request to order.
  • 21. You can submit our orders that we have created from the offer or directly to the approval of the manager.
  • 22. 2. The manager can review, approve and reject these orders.