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Romsis İnFlight PRO


Romsis In-flight Sales Duty Free Software

As Romsis Business Solution, we developed the software “Romsis Inflight” to provide solutions to the needs of companies that make in-flight sales. This software is our comprehensive global software solution that includes purchasing, inter-warehouse transfer, Romsis warehouse control with hand terminal, store sales, B2B integration system, finance and customs system.

With the purchasing module in our software, Inflight companies can perform the report of the data they need by practicing the order, proforma and invoicing and declaration operations. If there is a sales site over the internet, we can transfer the orders and sales received on the internet to the romsis inflight software that it uses easily by fully integrating it with the “Romsis B2B Integrated” module. Likewise, we can send the data it needs to the web page via the software. Our customer can easily load the plane with the Romsis Warehouse Hand terminal module in the hand terminal.

Our Romsis Inflight software is the comprehensive software of our company, which is requested by the major players of the industry in our country and the world market. We are proud of being the first and only domestic software developed in the field of Inflight. We continue to make our software more practical, faster, more error-free and better quality with each new version with the development and tests we make in our R&D department. The greatest reward for us is your satisfaction while using our software. Romsis Inflight software will continue to be one of the biggest players sought in the world market.